We use AGVs in this category for loading and unloading in warehouses with narrow aisles to make maximum use of the available volume.

These AGVs are available with side and/or front forks that facilitate any storage and retrieval process from the floor to shelves located at a height of up to 11 metres, regardless of the width of the aisle for loads of up to 6,000Kg.

AGVs commonly known as Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehouse manipulators are available with bilateral forks with a three-sided attachment.

They can be laser-guided or mixed. Powered by a lithium battery, they perform the task of picking and depositing the goods to be handled, replacing the traditional forklift or pallet truck.

They are also capable of taking loads from any end-of-line system or intermediate buffer and unloading them at any loading station connected to the warehouse, working at fixed or variable heights. As an option, these AGVs can be equipped with both top and side restraints for unstable loads.

AGV For Narrow Aisles and High Aisles



We work with a total commitment to safety. All vehicles are designed intrinsically safe, certified, delivered and tested with redundancy both in terms of active and passive safety systems, as well as redundancy in safety technology using electronic and mechanical safety equipment.

A central control unit will detect any risks that arise and act immediately. All AGVs are equipped as standard with emergency mushrooms, lights and audible presence/emergency indicators.


Operators can take full control of any AGV using a hand control joystick fitted as standard on all vehicles.

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