Mobile Robotics for the movement of materials. AMRs.

Mobile robots are fully autonomous intelligent vehicles that increase throughput, reduce machine waiting time, eliminate errors, improve material traceability and allow employees to focus on tasks that require complex human skills.

Unlike traditional AGVs, mobile robots or AMRs move around your facility without requiring costly layout modifications or restricting access.

- No pre-programmed routes are required.

- Full collaboration with people and other existing vehicles.

- Automatic mapping of the environment thanks to the integrated computer.

- Fast and user-friendly installation thanks to its Mobile Planner.

- Intelligent fleet management through its Enterprise Manager.


Mobile Robotics with up to 1500 Kg load capacity.


Mobile Robotics with up to 250 Kg load capacity.

Mobile Planner.

It is the software for the management of robots or robot fleets.
- It creates and distributes maps for mobile robot applications.
- Provides the configuration tools that allow setting parameters, sensors, cameras, etc.
- Assigns tasks and schedules routes.

Fleet management: Enterprise Manager.

It is the device that allows the coordination of mobile robot fleets. It is responsible for:
- Assigning transport requests (tasks): distributes jobs among several mobile robots, selecting in each case the vehicle best suited to the task.
- Traffic control: optimises the flow of vehicle traffic.
- Communications: a single point of contact for integration with factory systems (MES, WMS, ERP, etc.).
- Configuration management: manages the system parameters of the entire vehicle fleet.


Our mobile robots are safety-rated. They use integrated lasers and other sensors to detect obstacles in their path and, depending on the speed of travel, trigger an emergency stop to prevent the vehicle from colliding with objects in its path. Sensors:
- LIDAR Laser- Lower Laser- Side Lasers (Patented) - Bumper- Rear Sonar.

Navegación sólida con Acuity (Patentado).

Acuity provides a laser-alternative method of localisation, helping the vehicle adapt to changing environments. It identifies overhead lighting and superimposes the "light map" on the floor map. This helps the robot move through wide open spaces in large warehouses.

How to create a map using Mobile Planner

This is how the world's most advanced vehicle is developed.