We have multiple automation options for automated case erecting and filling.

Depending on the productions, the number of different references and the frequency with which the reference is changed, we offer:

Classic case erecting solutions with manual adjustments for each size produced and a high production capacity.

Flexible case erecting solutions that can include the assistance of a robotic arm, with automatic servomotor-based adjustments.

Automated case packing or filling can also be carried out with both industrial robots and Cartesian type devices, adapting to the needs of each process. On this page you can see different examples of various automatic packing projects.

Automatic packing of flash bags.

Bags full of flashes enter the cell via a belt conveyor. An artificial vision system locates each product, so that a Fanuc Delta type robot picks them up and places them into cardboard boxes.

Once they are boxed, they go to the palletising area, where a Kawasaki RD080 robot is in charge of placing them on the pallet.

The system has automatic pallet infeed and outfeed to extend its autonomy to the maximum.

Robotic packing of cartons with pre-cooked food.

The products packaged by flow-pack machines arrive via overhead conveyors to the packing cell. An artificial vision system locates each product, so that 3 Fanuc industrial robots pick them up and put them into cardboard boxes.

Once filled, they are closed at high speed and labelled with traceability data, ensuring the perfect preservation of the products. After this process, they are palletised, which you can see in this other video.

They then move on to the palletising area.

Automatic packing of pre-cooked potato bags.

In this case, the bags containing potatoes enter the cell via modular conveyors. An artificial vision system locates each product, so that a Fanuc industrial robot picks them up and inserts them into cardboard boxes or plastic trays. The boxes are formed and sealed using Youngsun machines.

Once the boxes are boxed and closed, another larger Fanuc industrial robot carries out the palletising, either on a wooden pallet or inside a Box Pallet.

Automatic case packing of heat-sealed containers.

The system groups the packs 4 by 4 so that a Kawasaki RD080N robot picks up two rows of packs and inserts them into two crates at the same time using a vacuum gripper.

Several different references of containers and crates can be handled thanks to the manual adjustments of the crate referencer, and the automatic adjustment of the robot gripper.

Following the recording of this video, further programming adjustments were made to achieve a cycle time of 6.5 seconds.

Case erecting and filling of Biostimulants.

This robotic cell is capable of performing the tasks of case erecting, product grouping, robotic case packing, case closing and palletising.

The same robot arm is also responsible for placing separator cartons between palletised layers.

An automatic de-palletiser manages the pallets when necessary.

Case erecting and filling with PET containers.

The robotic cell is capable of managing 2 production lines with different containers.

The first line fills containers between half and 5 litres. The second line fills containers from 5 to 20 litres.

The robot is able to do the job thanks to a versatile handling gripper.

A layer-forming system groups the containers so that the robot can fill the crates in a single movement.

The crates are automatically formed and closed once filled with plastic containers.

At the end of the process, the same robot palletises them and manages both the output of full pallets and the supply of empty pallets, by means of an automatic pallet de-palletiser.

Case forming and filling with glass cups.

Our packaging systems are capable of filling boxes with products as fragile as glass.

In this case, we automate the packaging process of glass cups.

Using 5 industrial robots and accessories of our own design this system is capable of:

- Form the cardboard boxes of different sizes.

- Forming and inserting the cells or separating grids.

- Insert the glasses into the boxes.

American box forming and filling with tissue packs.

Versatile robotic cell that performs the packaging of tissues in different formats.

In this video you can see how it is able to:

- Form the cardboard boxes.

- Prepare the grouping of tissue boxes.

- Fill the boxes with individual tissue boxes.

- Close the boxes with hotmelt adhesive.

- Palletising the completed boxes.

This same robotic cell is also capable of forming and filling box-pallets.


Visit our paper section for more information.

Forming and filling of cases with groupings of Bag In Box cases filled with wine.

These cells are able to perform the tasks of forming the box, filling it with product, closing and palletising.

In this case, the product to be handled are "Bag in Box" wine boxes, but this same system can be used for very different products.

The small amount of space used, a large production capacity and a very low price, means that these installations have a return on investment in the very short term.

The cell includes:

- 5-axis industrial robot.

- Gripper capable of assisting in case formation, filling and palletising.

- Infeed conveyor performing BiB grouping.

- Unformed case magazine.

- Full case conveyor to palletising point.

- Automatic empty pallet dispenser.

- Automatic pallet conveyor.


Visit our wines, vinegars and spirits section for more information.

Flexible multi-format filling of American cases with liquor bottles.


It is the smartest solution to the problem of production loss due to changeovers.

- It is very COMPACT. It is mounted on a platform for easy transport and installation.

- It is very RELIABLE. It is based on a robot that boasts values in excess of 50,000 hours MTBF. (Time Between Failures).

- It is FLEXIBLE. It is able to work with any type of bottle and change formats with hardly any adjustments.

The gripper alone has 5 servo axes that adjust the position instantly.

- It is very PRODUCTIVE. The example in the video fits 12,000 bottles/hour, but we have similar solutions with higher outputs.

- It is very COMPETITIVE.

It offers clear advantages over classic systems, with a very similar budget.


Visit our wines, vinegars and spirits section for more information.

Forming and filling of Box Pallets with tissue boxes.

Versatile robotic cell that performs the packaging of tissues in different formats.

In this video you can see how it is capable of:

- Unfold the box pallet and form it.

- Prepare the grouping of tissue boxes.

- Fill the box-pallet with these groupings of tissue boxes.

- Place a lid on the filled box-pallet.


This same robotic cell is capable of handling various formats of tissue boxes, as well as forming, filling and closing B1 boxes.

Visit our paper section for more information.

Forming and filling of trays with juice cartons.

This cell is basically made up of four elements:

- A multilaner system that forms the rows of briks.

- A robot that takes the formations and packs them.

- A referencer that helps to maintain the position of each tray.

- A robot - forming table assembly that shapes and glues the trays.

In this case, two Kawasaki R Series industrial robots have been chosen for their load capacity, reach and speed in performing these operations.


Visit our juice section for more information.

Forming and filling of B1 cartons with PET containers.

Automated solution made to measure for this manufacturer of Premium Sauces.

The system is capable of filling cartons with PET containers containing the tastiest sauces on the market.

Using an in-house designed multilaner, the system forms clusters of jars in 3 different positions.

The industrial robot takes care of several processes:

- Taking these groupings and inserting them into the crates.

- Palletising the filled and closed boxes.

- Placing empty pallets and cartons in the motorised palletising station.


A case erector/closer and a pair of magazines for cartons and unfolded cases complete the robotic installation.

Fully integrated packaging system tested in our workshop before being shipped to the American continent.

Visit our sauces section for more information.

Forming and filling of boxes with buckets of paint.

This cell basically consists of four elements:

- Youngsun CF-20TX case erector.

- Youngsun FJ-3A case sealer.

- Gantry type case packing device with 2 Siemens servomotors and interchangeable vacuum modules to work with different references designed by Inser Robótica.

- Transport and dosing system for boxes and buckets.

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