We use 3D artificial vision technology for automatic product classification. We classify primary products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, according to characteristics like color, volume or gender. One of the most common applications is the grouping of products to obtain a certain weight. This way, producers can pack vegetable groups with a very precise total weight, losing the minimum possible amount of product.

Counting fish catches.

The fishermen's guilds carry out a sampling of each catch in the fish markets of the fishing ports.

They need to know the number of units per kilogram of each sample to estimate its market value. This is called the grain of the catch.

To help speed up the task and achieve superior accuracy, we have designed a standard fish counting booth that we train by adjusting its Artificial Intelligence algorithms to each species of fish to be counted.

Fruits and vegetables automatic classification.

The grouping of products to fill a bag, a tray or a box for retail is usually a problem because these products have different weights, and their sum, should always be greater or equal to the sales weight.
For this reason, they are always filled with more than the specified weight, with the consequent loss of material.
Our partners from Roboconcept have developed a system that allows us to optimize the classification and grouping of products such as fruits and vegetables by accurately adjusting the total weight to be packed or for its sale.
This allows producers in the primary sector to have an accurate control of the quantity of product supplied.

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Fixed weight packing for fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable producers have to match or exceed the weight marked on their retail sale tray.
Therefore they must always exceed that certain weight, and there will always be a product loss.
Here is where our system can be helpful being as accurate as possible, saving product in each grouping.

We have different levels in the grouping automation for fixed weight packing depending on your production.

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Chicken thigh classification by determined weight.

Meat producers also need to match or exceed the weight marked on the retail sale tray.
This means that they must always exceed that target weight, so there will always be a product loss.
That is where our systems help to be as accurate as possible, obtaining a very important saving in each grouping of products.
We have different levels of automation of the grouping to fixed weight.

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Fish classification by sex.

Our colleagues from Roboconcept are developing new technologies for the fishing industry.
In this case, due to the great difference of value between the males and the females of this species, it is becaming necessary to automate the gender differentiation.
An artificial vision system, a delta robot and a specific sensor makes it possible to sort 120 fish every minute, achieving a production of 3,000 kg per hour.