COBOLOADER. Robotic loading of case and tray erectors.

The first solution that automates the loading of case and tray erectors.

The cell automates the un-ergonomic task of feeding blank cartons to the case erector.
The cobot automatically locates the position of the stack of boxes on the pallet and picks groups blank cartons and stacks them on the magazine of the case erector.
It suits both multinational companies that already know the benefits of process automation, as well as small and medium-sized companies that need a technologically advanced option at an affordable price.

An unrivalled robotic cell in the world market.

We have dedicated all our robot experience to develop the only cell capable of reliably performing the task.
Its advantages include:

- Quick and easy to set up.
- Flexibility to adapt to all types of wrap-around and some B1 formers.
- Minimal footprint. A small cobot is used.
- Minimum maintenance required. Up to 35,000 operating hours without greasing.
- High productivity. 40 boxes/minute, depending on the type and dimensions of the box.

The safety of the installation is ensured by the proper configuration of the collaborative arm and the incorporation of several scanners that will reduce the system's operating speed when a person approaches the work area.

The most important components are described below:

Collaborative Arm.

This type of robot includes sophisticated safety functions that combine hardware and software to be able to operate safely alongside people. Their light weight allows us to place them on simpler structures and increase their reach with lifting columns or tracks at a low cost. Our solution is designed for use with the most recognised brands: Omron - Universal Robots - Fanuc.

Motorised shuttle.

Collaborative robots or cobots have a limited reach that prevents them from reaching all possible configurations of folded crate stacks. To achieve the optimal reach, we integrate a motorised track.

Gripper specifically designed for loading folded boxes.

Because the loading capacity of collaborative robots is quite limited, very lightweight tools are required. Our design has a structure made of aluminium and a housing made by 3D printing.

Certified safety.

Even though all the integrated elements are considered collaborative, the risk posed by moving loads at head height has to be taken into account. The cell is equipped with up to three safety scanners. Each scanner demarcates two safety areas. If only the outermost area is invaded, the cobot switches to reduced speed mode, with normal operation speed being restored once it leaves that area. If the nearest area is invaded, maximum speed will not be restored until an external reset is pressed.

Rental and Pay-Per-Use Options.
Affordable access for SMEs or companies with seasonal production.

We have removed all the barriers that prevent access to this technology, offering two alternatives to standard ownership.

- Renting. With a fixed monthly charge to support you when you most need it.
- Robot as a Service or Pay-Per-Use. Thanks to the system’s integrated connectivity, you need only pay for the boxes that are palletised with the robot.

For total peace of mind, both options include brand-recommended preventive and corrective maintenance.
No high upfront Investments - Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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