IoT platform.
Developed by Inser Robótica for your production lines.

The IR-IoT platform was created as the ideal complement for monitoring your automated production line.
As an engineering company with capacity for the design, programming and start-up of your line, we have in-depth knowledge of your production process and are a solid partner that can accompany you in the implementation and start-up of an IoT platform that provides reliable and relevant data.
It adapts both to companies that already have a global management/analytics platform and want to extend its scope, and to those that want to monitor a specific production process.

What does the basic IR-IoT platform include?

The platform is delivered installed on an Industrial PC that includes everything necessary to collect the information from the central automaton of the production line and make it accessible from a web browser. The basic interface shows by default 5 dashboards:
- Graph with evolution of units produced.
- Graph with units per reference.
- Graph with distribution of working times.
- Register of alerts and stoppages.
- OEE indicator.

O.E.E. General equipment efficiency indicator.

Knowing the availability of the system, its performance and the quality with which it works, the platform will be able to offer an evolution graph of the efficiency with which it is being produced.
*For the O.E.E. to be accurate, the platform must be connected to your production management software.

Total customisation.

Adapt the platform to your needs

The software, open to customisation, allows you to include connections with several PLCs or Robots, new variables to be taken into account, new KPIs and new graphics that facilitate analysis from the platform, as well as notifications by e-mail or sms.
It also supports the connection of the main ERP, MES and WMS management systems.
Based on the information collected from these systems, it is possible to provide planning and availability indicators.
On the other hand, it is possible to automatically report production data to these management systems, thus closing the information loop.



Who is this platform aimed at?
Its usefulness varies according to the level of digitalisation of each company.

Medium-sized companies that have automated production processes and want to take their first steps to deepen their knowledge of their efficiency.
Companies with Lean Manufacturing management models already implemented that rely on software such as ERP, MES or WMS and need to connect each process with their production management system for subsequent analysis.

Why choose the IR-IoT platform?

Turnkey integration.

Inser Robótica has the capacity and experience to extract the relevant information from each automated line, whether it is our own or from third parties.

Multi-device access and responsive design.

Based on HTML5 language, it adapts to the size of any device, being accessible from any computer, tablet, mobile phone or even Smart-TV with browser.

Local storage or in the cloud. You decide.The data generated can be stored On-Premise in your production plant or in a cloud storage service that facilitates its accessibility and guarantees its integrity.