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Training in Kawasaki Robot Programming

Impartimos cursos de programación y manejo para robots Kawasaki. Lenguaje AS.

As official integrators of Kawasaki Robotics, we have taught basic programming courses periodically since 3 decades ago.

In all our projects we include both basic training in the management of the installed cell, and programming of the robots that integrate it.

These courses last 4 days and address the needs of the attendees’ profile. The groups of students usually do not exceed 8 people, so it is easy to make a good follow-up of the training in robotics taught.

Based on very basic knowledge of robotics and manual handling of a small robot, the level increases until the necessary knowledge is reached in order to carry out small programs, and to analyse the complex programs that are finally integrated into our automatic systems.

Thanks to these courses and our remote assistance, our clients can reach the level of independence they desire, when solving incidents that may arise in the subsequent years of operation of the automated installation.

You can request for training in our email or by calling +34 94 676 70 50.

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