Automatic Depalletizing of Boxes with Returnable Bottles. Circular Economy

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Automatic Depalletizing of Boxes with Returnable Bottles. Circular Economy

Depaletizado de cajas con botellines retornables. Economía circular.

The second of the circular economy principles is about the optimization of resources and the increase of their useful life through reuse.

With this box depalletization automation solution, we achieve the highest level of efficiency, improving the process of reusing glass bottles.

The plastic boxes that contain the used bottles arrive at the bottling plant in pallets with different dimensions and configurations.

Our automatic depalletizing solution uses a 3D artificial vision camera capable of locating the configuration and dimensions of each pallet. Send this information to a Fanuc robot equipped with a claw that takes the complete layer to later release the boxes on a conveyor system that finally manages to send, in a single row, all the pallet boxes.
The beverage bottling process begins with the thorough washing of the bottles.

Our 3D vision system brings great reliability to the process ensuring the correct capture of each layer. If the boxes are damaged or there are foreign elements inside them, the process will be stopped, notifying the system operator of the reason for the stop.

All the systems that we supply are thoroughly tested in our facilities, before their commissioning the final customer facilities.

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