Automatic Generation of Palletizing Patterns for Robots. Mosaicos 3.0.

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Automatic Generation of Palletizing Patterns for Robots. Mosaicos 3.0.

Software de generación automática de programa de paletizado para robots.

Mosaicos 3.0. is the latest version of our palleting pattern generation software.

It allows you to enter all the necessary parameters to configure the most suitable arrangement of your boxes on the pallet.

– Pallet size
– Box size
Size and type of robot to be use
– Layout of the elements in the installation (Robot, pallet, entry conveyor, box labels)

Once introduced, our software will help you find the mosaic that better uses the space on each pallet, generating different options and its use percentage.

It allows to choose the position of each box in a very simple way, sliding each box with the mouse of your computer.

It is possible to decide if the boxes will be taken one by one or by groups and the order in which they will be palletized.

It is also possible to create different layers and their arrangement in each height as well as the placement of cardboard separator to suit your specifications.

Once validated, the software can generate the program that will be loaded into the robot for its start-up.

It is ready to export the programs for each of the main robot brands in the market, such as Kawasaki, Fanuc, ABB, Kuka or Yaskawa Motoman. It is only necessary to choose the brand, so that the export of the palletizing program is carried out in the correct programming language.

Soon you will receive an important update allowing the palletizing of different type of boxes in the same pallet. (Heterogeneous palletisation).


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