Salmon Fillet Handling with Delta Robots

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Salmon Fillet Handling with Delta Robots

Automatic solution for classification, handling and grouping of salmon fillet.

This solution and technology are transversal to applications in other sectors in which it is required to classify (quality control, size, shape, colour), handle (mechanically or robotically) and/or group different types of products (fixed weight, number of products).

In this case, salmon fillets are classified according to different specifications, manipulated with delta robots and grouped, according to the required mosaic, by number of pieces or fixed weight.

Our 3D artificial vision systems analyse each salmon fillet to locate it gravity centre and position on the conveyor band.

Several delta-type robots take each of the complete pieces and stack them in trays.

The speed and reliability of the process are key for the product to arrive in the best possible conditions for the final customer.


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