Pallet racks manufacturing turnkey solutions

Automatic Generation of Palletizing Patterns for Robots. Mosaicos 3.0.

Pallet racks manufacturing turnkey solutions

Soldadura de largueros para estantería metálicas

Automatización de la fabricación de estanterías industriales para palets.


Inser Robótica, on the belief that permanent R&D investments are necessary to ensure the future of the industry, identified 25 years ago the industrial racking manufacturers as an strategic sector to develop a R&D plan in order to automate most of the manufacturing processes in this kind of industry.

We can automate the complete process:

• Beam and connector welding.
Our robotic cells are designed to adapt to your productivity. From a single welding
robot and manually loaded turning table to fully automated cells including
automatic loading / unloading connected to next production steps.

Hanging up on the painting line – Unhanging.
Our hanging systems work with continuous or “power and free” conveyors to handle rack beams and upright frames.
The process takes less than 8 seconds for any kind of beam or upright frame.

• Final bundle palletizing.
Depending on the factory layout, we palletize after roll forming or profiling machine or after paint operation to a full
size bundle with wooden spacers between layers.

We can also integrate wrapping and strapping machines in the final palletizing operation.

The benefits of our systems:
– Great flexibility. We can work with different type of beams (step beam, structural channel beam, tube
beams…), wide variety of connectors, and diverse relative positions between beam and connector.
– Quality improvement of the final product.
– Optimization of the occupied area.
– Manufacturing waste reduction.
– Manpower costs reduction.
– Better utilization of the manufacturing consumables.
– More than 90% of availability.

Robot hanging up a pallet rack beam on the painting line.

Our technology allow us to:
– Production control and monitoring using SCADA software.
– Fast reference changes by entering the beam data (model, length, width, and height), connector data and “Down Weld”.

All the individual processes and robotic cells can be linked in an integral manufacturing system.
We have developed a range of robotic cells with high technological content to link all the manufacturing operations from the roll forming or profiling machine to the final palletizing, passing through the welding and painting processes.

This way, the technology developed allows the whole production line to work being supervised by only 4 operators per shift.

We provide the design of the complete manufacturing line, integrate all the machines and program robots, PLCs and friendly Human Machine Interfaces.

Ask us for a tailor made proposal by e-mail or calling us +34 94 676 70 50.

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