We provide solutions that completely cover the end-of-line production of any product that can be packaged.


Accelerate your final production line with our packaging solutions.

We design and install automation systems based on industrial robots to bring packaging processes to a new level.
The food industry and personal hygiene products are examples of sectors, that in recent years, are making a great investment in the automation of their production and packaging processes to achieve consistent, better quality production, therefore increasing their competitiveness .
Recently, we have begun to develop systems for sorting primary products through artificial vision or dynamic weighing systems combined with small size robots and high speed robots both anthropomorphic and Delta. This has allowed us to increase our presence throughout the production process, until we are able to carry out the design and implementation of complete manufacturing lines. Due to our highly experienced mechanical and electrical design team, we continue to evolve our own technology adapted to the needs of each customer's automation. We have packaging automation solutions for a wide variety of packaging and products.
From vehicle components such as bearings, braking systems, alternators, catalytic converters or silencers that go directly to the production line of the entire vehicle, to primary products such as fruits, vegetables and groceries that are sorted by size and placed in plastic trays for its retail, through any product that we can find in a supermarket.
All our packaging lines have HMI screens from the best brands for easy operation. Also, our packaging lines have the remote telemetry system SICOR which allows us to solve incidents from our headquarters.