We design the automation solutions for the carton or carton trays forming. B1 (American) and Wrap Around using industrial robots or carton erecting machines.

Depending on the productions, the number of product types and frequency with which the reference is changed, we offer:

Classic box forming / carton erecting solutions with manual adjustments for each produced size and a great productive capacity

Flexible box forming / carton erecting solutions that can include the assistance of a robotic arm with automatic adjustments based on servomotors.

Formation of American box and filling with packages of tissues.

Versatile robotized cell that realizes the packaging of tissues in different formats.
In this video you can see how it is able to:
- Form the cardboard boxes.
- Prepare the clusters of tissue boxes.
- Fill the boxes with boxes of individual tissues.
- Close the boxes with hotmelt adhesive.
- Pallet the completed boxes.

This same robotic cell is able to form and fill box-pallets.

Box formation and filling with clusters of 'Bag In Box' boxes which are full of Wine.

These cells are able to perform the tasks of box forminpg, filling each one with product,, closing and palletizing.
In this case, the handled products are "Bag in Box" wine boxes, but this same system can be used for a wide variety of products.
The small space used, a large productive capacity and a very affordable price makes these facilities have a very short-term return on investment.
The cell includes: - 5-axis industrial robot.
- Claw able to help the formation of box, filling and palletizing.
- Conveyor of entrance that realizes the groupings of BiB.
- Warehouse of boxes without forming.
- Conveyor of full boxes to the point of palletizing.
- Automatic dispenser of empty pallets.
- Automatic pallet conveyor.

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Multi-format american boxes flexibly filled with liquor bottles.

It is the most intelligent solution to the problem of loss of production by reference changes.
- It's COMPACT. It is mounted on a platform that facilitates its transport and installation.
- It's RELIABLE. It is based on a reliable robot. Above 50,000 MTBF hours. (Mean Time Between Failures).
- It's FLEXIBLE. Able to work with any type of bottle and change format with barely any adjustments.
Only the claw has 5 servo axes that adjust the position instantly.
- It's PRODUCTIVE. The video example fits 12,000 bottles / hour, but we have similar solutions with superior productions.

It offers clear advantages over classic systems, with a very similar budget.
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Formation and filling of Box Pallets with tissue boxes.

Versatile robotized cell that performs the packaging of tissues in different formats.
In this video you can see how it can:
- Unfold the box-pallet and form it.
- Prepare the clusters of tissue boxes.
- Fill the box-pallet with those clusters of tissue boxes.
- Place a lid on the full box-pallet.

This same robotized cell is capable of manipulating various formats of tissues boxes, as well as forming, filling and closing type B1 boxes.

Forming and filling trays with cartons of juice.

This cell is basically made up of four elements:
- A multilaner system that forms the carton lines.
- A robot that takes the formations and flags them.
- A referrer that helps maintain the position of each tray.
- A robot and a forming table that forms and glues the trays.

In this case two industrial robots of the Kawasaki R Series have been chosen because of their loading capacity, their reach and speed carrying out these operations.

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B1 carton erecting and filling with PET containers.

Automated solution made to measure of this manufacturer of Premium Sauces.
This system is able to fill the boxes with PET containers containing the most delicious sauces on the market.
Using a multilaner of its own design, the system forms groups of jars in 3 different positions.
The industrial robot is responsible for several processes:
- Take these groups and put them in the boxes.
- Pallet the boxes already filled and closed.
- Place empty pallets and cartons in the motorized palletizing station.

A carton forming machine, and a pair of cartons and boxes without folding, complete the robotic installation.
Packaging system fully integrated and tested in our workshop, before being sent to America.

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