After filling the containers and placing them in boxes or trays, our solutions also take care of palletizing in a precise way according to the specified pattern. Automated palletizing is the end of the production line.

We design our palletizing solutions to suit your needs.
Compact solutions of palletizing with a single robot, pneumatic paddle gripper, whose strong point is the little investment, the little space occupied in plant and the fast investment return.

Large multi-robot systems that include options such as pre-layer preparation prior to fully layered palletizing, capable of assuming the most ambitious productions.

We palletize everything you can imagine.

Boxes, bags or trays containing almost any type of product. From food products to delicate automobile components.
We have collaborated in the automation of the end of line production of many sectors, although without a doubt, the sector that is increasingly demanding this type of systems, is one of feeding.

In addition we have a software of own design called 'Mosaics' that allows you to easily generate the distribution of the boxes on the pallet.
This software serves to have an exact idea of how the complete pallet will be, and launches the program to the robot so that it executes it.

Ice cubes bags palletizing.

The production of ice cubes is another process in which we have a lot of experience.
Our systems allow the automation of both processes. The demoulding of the trays where the ice is formed, and the post-palletizing of the filled bags, ready for shipment to the customer.
Depending on how stable these clusters are, sometimes it is necessary to use accessory systems which hold the bags as they are palletizing.
Those devices, prevent that the palletized product going out of the specified dimensions.
Visit our ice cubes section to complete information.

Aerosol palletizing

The handling of this type of empty metallic packaging requires a great precision due to its instability.
We have designed and installed a large number of cells around the world, in the hands of the main producers.
It includes magnetic conveyors, pallet feeders, cardboard and lids stock, as well as the inbound and outbound converyors required to perform the palletizing of aerosols and their post-wrapping, strapping and labelling.

Tomato cartons palletizing.

Inside the same leading company in the tomato production sector, we have several examples.
In this customer we have installed 7 similar compact palletizing cells.
One of them is transportable and the one that is shown at the end of the video has a tray referencing system that allows us to perform the tray filling in a simple way.

Visit our sauces section to complete information.

Tissues palletizing

The first thing you see when looking at this simple palletizing cell is the size of the Fanuc M-410 robot.
This is a robot that our client already had and wanted to use for a different task.
In addition to this robot palletizer, the cell is composed of an infeed conveyor, and a pallet feeding system in two heights.
Empty pallets enter the cell by a chain conveyor that is below the exit conveyor of filled pallets.
This greatly reduces the occupied floor space.

Palletizing of water bottles.

Automation of the palletizing of water-filled bottles with a 4 axes robot with garra palas that allows to manipulation of bottle lines.
The system can handle bottles of different measurements using the same gripper.
The system also has automatic management of both the entry of empty pallets and the output of the pallet already completed and it is able to place anti-slip cardboard between layers.

Visit our water section to complete information.

Palletizing of margarine containers..

This end-of-line solution allows the palletizing and subsequent wrapping of two very different product types.
The Fanuc M410iB 300 robot is equipped with a gripper that uses different types of suction cup depending on the product that is being manipulated.. It is capable of palletizing both cardboard boxes and plastic containers.
Each product arrives by a different line of conveyors, and the robot attends them as the product arrives. At the bottom of some of the cartons a small application of hotmelt adhesive is made to guarantee the stability of the pallet.
It has two different palletizing stations that converge in the same wrapping machine and leave by the same conveyor, until the pallets are picked up with a forklift for storage.
The dispensing of empty pallets is done with two pallet feeders that allow to work with europallet, and UK pallet.
Visit our dairy section to complete information.

Canned food palletizing in transit to the autoclave.

This robotic cell performs 3 different functions.
- Depalletizes the glass jars that come inside stainless steel cages from the retort and leaves them in the line of quality inspection.
- Takes the cans from the inspection line and leaves them on pallets, adding anti-slip cardboard between layers.
- Depalletizes the inspected and stored cans and leaves them on final labelling line.

Another robotic cell installed by us, performs the final palletizing using a smaller robot.

Canned food palletizing with fragile trays.

Compact palletizing cell consisting of a 5-axis Kawasaki RD080 robot, a special gripper that protects the tray base, an inlet conveyor and two palletizing stations with manual output.
One of the easiest automation options, with a very fast return on investment.

Appliances palletizing.

This appliance manufacturer has a wide variety of references that needed to be palletizing from a single palletizing position.
The solution was to build a powerful robot with a versatile gripper on a servo track that allows it to cover a great working distance with the speed and precision required. It is capable of palletizing in 12 different positions.
A conveyor system is in charge of the pallets movements.

Complete layer palletizing solutions.

We have developed a gripper that is able to take full layers of almost any product.
Using small size and high speed robots, the boxes are grouped according to the pre-established pattern.
With the configuration of the example you can palletize productions of up to 100 boxes per minute. (Depending on the size and weight).

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