Fleets of AGVs and AMRs for the movement of loads in Intralogistics.

We integrate Intralogistics transport solutions by selecting the most appropriate technology in each case.

From fleets of small mobile robots or intelligent vehicles (AMR) capable of working in changing environments with human traffic, to fleets of large AGVs capable of transporting pallets of several tonnes and lifting them onto warehouse shelves up to 11 metres high.

Autonomous vehicles or AGVs have been used for decades in production mega-factories in sectors such as the automotive and FMCG industries of the most recognised brands. They are commonly used to handle large loads from one place to another on the line with great reliability.

Inser Robótica brings these solutions to its customers, mostly producers of food and beverages, as well as non-durable consumer goods, providing the well-known level of reliability and intuitive handling in their automated end-of-line production facilities.

Movement of materials on production lines.

Mobile Robotics - AMR.

We selected Mobile Robotics to carry out movements of light loads between different points of the line. For example transporting pallets between motorised roller stations or raw materials and packaging from the warehouse to the line.

Designed to navigate alongside human personnel and other vehicles, without costly layout modifications.

For guidance, they automatically map the environment with their on-board computer and observe every change in real time. They have an intelligent path planning system that does not require a pre-programmed path.

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Pallet movement at the end of the line.

Automated front fork pallet trucks.

This is the ideal range of AGVs for general pallet handling applications on the way to loading docks or warehouses of limited height. They also feature natural SLAM navigation.

These AGVs allow you to load up to 1,200Kg and pick up and set down your load at a height of 3,000mm.

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Storage of pallets at great heights.

AGVs with front forks for loading and unloading at height.

This is a series of autonomous vehicles or AGVs designed for loading and unloading warehouses.

These AGVs can load from 1.000Kg and pick up and drop off loads at a racking height of up to 11 metres.

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Pallet storage for narrow aisles.

Bilateral and trilateral automatic forklifts.

It is the autonomous vehicle specially designed for loading in warehouses that makes the most of the volume of your warehouse.

These AGVs are available with side and/or front forks that facilitate any storage and retrieval process from the floor to shelves up to a height of 11 metres, regardless of the width of the aisle.

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Guidance technologies for AGVs and AMR autonomous vehicles.

There are different categories of autonomous vehicles depending on the way in which they are guided along the route they have to follow and the type of load they handle.

You can count on our team to choose both the type of vehicle and the most suitable guidance technology:

  • Filoguided or inductive guided vehicles. They use buried conductive wires to define the desired trajectory. Each wire is connected to a power supply which oscillates at different frequencies for the different available paths. Two coils on board the vehicle detect the magnetic field generated by the guide wire so that the vehicle's CPU decides how to operate motors and steering in the most appropriate way.

Even today it is still the most accurate technology in high humidity or low temperature environments and for very narrow working areas, but it is more expensive to install and, above all, to reconfigure than other systems.

  • Laser Triangulation Guided Vehicles or LGVs. They are the most popular and flexible solution in open spaces where the environment is constantly changing and routes must be updated often. The guidance system is composed of multiple reference points (reflective strips) located on the ground, which makes the laser navigation system easier to install as routes can be compiled in advance in the office. A laser head located on the vehicle uses a laser emitter to detect any pre-installed reference points. Using these LGVs, paths can be easily changed and expanded offering greater flexibility to plant managers and internal traffic managers.
  • Inertial Guided Vehicles or IGVs in combination with magnetic points. The latest generation of IGVs integrates advanced electronics based on odometers and gyroscopes that allow the vehicles to operate with a reduced trajectory tolerance of 10mm or less, down to 2mm.

Magnetic discs placed in the ground mark the paths and are read by sensors placed in the vehicles. This requires drilling into the ground to create holes 12mm in diameter and 20mm deep.

Complex trajectories can be designed and extended by installing more magnetic discs. The main advantage of IGV over AGV and LGV is the flexibility and reduced cost of re-configuring the system. Adding magnetic discs may seem intrusive, but the result is less intrusive than a magnetic navigation system and cheaper than a laser navigation system.

  • SLAM-guided mobile robotics. From Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping. The main difference compared to the other systems explained above is their ability to alter their pre-programmed trajectory to avoid obstacles. They do not follow buried wires or magnets, nor do they reflect laser light against a reflector. They use LIDAR scanners to create a map of their work site and generate the most efficient trajectories. They can be accompanied by sonar, GPS, inertial navigation and machine vision to improve their perception of their environment. They are usually smaller than other AGVs and share space with people thanks to sophisticated safety features.

Whatever the type of mechanics or guidance system, our integration services allow connection to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS).

Request a customised automation proposal for your intralogistics transport using AGVs by sending an e-mail to contacto@inser-robotica.com or calling +34 94 676 70 50.