COPALLETIZER. Automatic palletising based on Collaborative Robots.

The most versatile, productive cobot palletising option.

We present our standard collaborative palletising cell as a product highly distinct from our usual custom-designed palletising solutions.

We have enhanced all the benefits that incorporating this type of robot entails, taking both its portability and user friendliness to a higher level. However, we have not stopped there, the cell we offer is the easiest to configure and the one with the highest real productivity.
Plus it adapts to both multinational companies that already know about the benefits of process automation, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises that need a technologically advanced option at an affordable price.

What makes it stand out from other collaborative options?
Optimised reach and paths, unparalleled modularity, programming assistant, certified safety...

To achieve our goal of building the most efficient solution on the market, we include:

- 6-axis articulated Collaborative Arm from the most prestigious brands.
- The most advanced programming assistant on the market.
- Motorised Lifting Column allowing a maximum palletising height of 2,200 mm.
- Vacuum gripper designed for cobots to make full use of its load capacity.
- Self-supporting collapsible frame that includes reference points for two palletising stations.
- Standard Modules to customise your cell with ease.
- Risk Assessment to certify the cell’s safety.
- Affordable access, thanks to Renting and Pay-Per-Use (RaaS) options

Collaborative Arm.

These types of robots include sophisticated safety functions, combing hardware and software to ensure safe operation with people. Their reduced weight allows us to stand them on simpler frames and increase their reach with lifting columns, cost-effectively. Our solution is designed for use with the best-known brands: Omron - Universal Robots - Fanuc.

The most advanced programming assistant.

If you choose to include this option, it will allow you to configure the location and select all of the installation’s elements, use Augmented Reality to view it and program the robot in a matter of minutes, with no prior experience. The state-of-the-art path planning algorithms calculate the best path for each box.
The robot palletises up to 20% faster and 30% smoother than with traditional programming. Accordingly, in addition to increasing productivity, this can extend the useful life of all the mechanical and electronic components, including the lifting column and gripper.
*This is an option, not included in the standard package.

Motorised lifting column.

Collaborative robots have a limited reach that prevents the palletising of boxes beyond a certain height.
This height depends on both the size and weight of the boxes. If the boxes are light, the gripper can be offset to increase its reach.
To increase reach, we integrate lifting columns that make it possible to palletise up to a height of 2,2 metres.

Gripper specifically designed for collaborative palletising.

Because collaborative robots have a very limited load capacity, very light tools are required. Our design employs an aluminium frame and a 3D-printed casing. Additionally, the design has to ensure that the system is safe, so the edges are very rounded and the unit is enclosed with a padded material to protect the operators.

Self-supporting collapsible frame.

The main frame includes the collaborative robot’s controller and the accessories needed to operate it, such as the lifting column and the control pendant. It is designed to maximize its operating area and its arms can be folded, acting as a reference for the pallets and a support for the scanners.
This makes it extremely easy to move about, both inside and outside the production plant.

Modularity and Plug&Play customisation.

We have Plug&Play modules for transporting boxes and storing cardboard with great ease. They can be placed on either side of the cell to adapt to available space. All modules can be moved with the aid of a pallet truck to simplify set-up.

Certified safety.

Even though all the integrated elements are considered collaborative, the risk posed by moving loads at head height has to be taken into account. When the robot is palletising above a height of 1.5 metres, there are two safety scanners. Each scanner demarcates two safety areas. If only the outermost area is invaded, the cobot switches to reduced speed mode, with normal operation speed being restored once it leaves that area. If the nearest area is invaded, maximum speed will not be restored until an external reset is pressed.

Rental and Pay-Per-Use Options.
Affordable access for SMEs or companies with seasonal production.

We have removed all the barriers that prevent access to this technology, offering two alternatives to standard ownership.

- Renting. With a fixed monthly charge to support you when you most need it.
- Robot as a Service or Pay-Per-Use. Thanks to the system’s integrated connectivity, you need only pay for the boxes that are palletised with the robot.

For total peace of mind, both options include brand-recommended preventive and corrective maintenance.
No high upfront Investments - Operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.