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Compact Palletizing Cells

Automatización del paletizado mediante robot industrial.

DELIVERY PERIOD LESS THAN 6 WEEKS. (Ex-Works in Spain). Time needed to integrate a gripper that fits the product to be handled.

COMMISSIONING IN LESS THAN 1 BUSINESS DAY. Its freestanding design allows downloading at once.

UNBEATABLE PRICE. Please contact us. You will be amazed.



Our compact cells are the most versatile solution when it comes to solving automation at the end of the production line.

Take palletizing to the exit of the box filler and save space and box conveyors necessary in centralized systems.

These are some of the reasons why they are widely used in SMEs, as well as in large multinationals:

Great production capacity.
Up to 1000 cycles* of single or multiple intake per hour without interference of pallet entry and exit.

Minimum footprint.
Only 8.5 square meters for the two-palletizing units’ version.

Flexibility and Modularity.
Our experience in the design of claws allows to manipulate with precision all type of products. It is possible to add different modules, such as cardboard stores or tray referents.

Plug & Play installation and easy relocation.
Self-supporting structure that allows installation and start-up in record time.

Maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.
Based on industrial robots with a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) greater than 80,000 hours. Made with top brand components, quality materials and robust construction.

Ease of handling.
The experience of Inser Robótica in programming of HMI screens manages to take full advantage of its touch screen. See information on the reverse side about our mosaic generation software.

Remote assistance system.
It allows to communicate with the rest of the machines in the internal network, as with our technicians for
tasks like visualize production, resolution of incidences or updates of software.

Quick return on investment.
Due to its low cost and high productivity, its amortization is completed in a very short time.


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